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I Love Meeting People!



Location:Ontario, OR and Redlands, CA


Major:Double in sociology and anthropology

Favorite Animals:Cats, tigers, wolves, jackals, horses, dragons, nekomata, and werewolves.

Pets: a Burmese manx, a whippet, and a Greek tortoise.


Species:Main Coon/Nekomata

Fursuit:I wish. I don't have the time or money to make one.

Interests:Ooooooh, I have so many. Currently though, WolfQuest, Howrse, "Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter", Final Fantasy Tactics: A2, Pokemon (now and forever), anything Japanese, mythology - I'm going to stop here.

Penpal Stuff: I am sooooo my mother's daughter in that I love stationary stuff, so I'll probably send a card along with letters and stuff like that. I'm a dedicated writer (to others. I try to put together a fanfiction and my plot bunnies get eaten after a few chapters without a conclusion). And I draw too, so if you want art (of yourself or a tv show/anime/video game character) I'll probably draw it for you. Also, I'm at university most of the time, so I have a summer address and a school address.
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