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Wanna have a penpal ^^


Name: Leon Verhees

Alias: Spark Wolf

Age: 18

Location: Deurne, the Netherlands

Sex: male

Orientation/Sexuality: straight

Major/Career: Working on it

Favorite animals / pets: wolves and dogs

Your furry self

Fursona: Spark

Fursona species: Wolf

Do you fursuit?: My fursuit is still pending. Somewhere in the middle of August I will have him.

Interests: Music, art, movies, games, computers, skateboarding, free-running, furry fandom and a lot more...


Movies: if it's anthro or somehow furry related.

Books: Call of the Wild/White Fang from Jack Londen

Games: Skate sequel, Halo sequel, Gears of War sequel and a lot more...

TV Shows: I've got almost no time for watching TV. But when I do it's Comedy Central or Animal Planet.

Art/Artists: I'm not an artist because I really can't draw out of fantasy and thoughts.

Collect?: Now I'm collecting art commissions for a big project.

Interests outside of furry?: Loads of ^^

Penpal Preferences:

Prefer a gender?: Nah ^^

Prefer a species?: Why should I xD

Interested in...: some things I'm interested in too :P

I do not want a penpal who...: Hmm... Never mind this one :)

Anything else?: Nope :D
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