Karen Jamriska (naggaven85) wrote in furrysnailmail,
Karen Jamriska

Looking for a friend or mentor.


Name: Karen Jamriska

Alias: Rizziahna or Jaylynn

Age: 25

Location: Arizona

Sex: Female

Orientation/Sexuality: Omnisexual

Relationship Status: Happily Married

Major/Career: Housewife / Homemaker

Favorite animals / pets: Wolves, Rats, Cats of all Kinds, Dragons

Your furry self

Fursona: Rizziahna / Jaylynn

Fursona species: Black and Blue Scaled Dragon / Blue-Grey-Black-White Feather- Winged Wolf Hybrid

Do you fursuit?: No. I have never found one that could make me feel like I wasn't walking around in a cartoon. If I could find one that actually FELT REAL, I would probably at least try it.

Interests: Animals, Furries, video games, World of warcraft, mythology, role playing, writing, singing, general crafting. Dragons, Unicorns, Wolves, Felines of all types, Role Play, Paranormal Phenomina, Paganism, Asatru Religeon, Native American shamanism. 


Movies: Labyrinth, Legend, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Most creature feature types.

Books: Lord of the rings Trilogy, Dragonriders of Pern series, Harper Hall of Pern series, Game of Thrones series

Games: World of Warcraft, Everquest 2, Tabletop Role Playing Includes: Palladium, Dungeons and Dragons, Star Wars Saga Edition

TV Shows: Supernatural, Paranormal State, Ghost Hunters, Scariest Places on Earth, Bones , NCIS, Dr. Who,  Sanctuary

Art/Artists: Jeremy Bernal, On Deviant Art : Goldenwolf, Lyanti, Alcira

Collect?: Im not sure what you mean here, I collect artwork, I collect music, I collect sets of D20 dice, in a variety of colors.

Penpal Preferences: I prefer a person willing to chat back and forth via email, as I may be moving soon, unsure when. I would love someone who has similar interests as me, Perhaps someone I can Learn more about the furry comunity from, as I have been a bit of a closet furry until very , very recently.

Prefer a gender?: I have no prefference at all. Male, Female, Both, Neither, Whatever!

Prefer a species?: I have no prefference, though I do favor canines, Felines, dragons, and griffons, (or some intermixed)

Interested in...: I am interested in kinship, friendship, even perhaps familly, of a sort, eventually. I really want somewhere to feel like I belong.

I do not want a penpal who...: Will push things that I do not want upon me. I do not want someone who will try to take me away from my husband. I am a happily married woman. I just want someone to talk to.

Other: I would like it if my penpal was into native american religeon, paganism, or the asatru religeon. I want to learn more about these in particular.

If at all interested in chatting or Pen-Paling, Send me a message here and I will give you my email.
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