Skadoo H. (wooskadoo) wrote in furrysnailmail,
Skadoo H.




Alias: "Hey bat"

Age: 20

Location: Tulare, CA

Sex: Male

Gender: Whoops, male

Orientation/Sexuality: :v it is a mystery

Major/Career: Computron science (ye olde software)

Favorite animals / pets: bat, dolphin, crow, spiders, just not anything spiders eat D:

Your furry self

Same as this LiveJournal account C: I treat it like a "me" character, though

Fursona species: Bat (half-fox in pictures though)

Do you fursuit?:  Нет, not cool enough

Interests: Programming C: with a side of walking around outside accomplishing nothing, pondering warious projects, and pretending I'm not as interested in math as I really am.


Labyrinth! No, Star Trek 4! No, The Goonies!

Books: Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy trilogy G:

Games: ..Garry's Mod? I play that sometimes, I think that's a game. 

TV Shows: :[ I don't watch enough telewision. Psych and Burn Notice are cool though E: we get those on DVD

Art/Artists: ho hum... My Number Two E-Homie™ Jim is a pretty rad artist c: he drew this avatar!

Collect?: Oh Lord I know I collect things, but what? What do I collect? :L I should start collecting pamphlets on having a better memory.

Interests outside of furry?: Daydreaming :v being a butt. 

Penpal Preferences: I would like a pen pal who cannot read or speak any known or unknown languages

Prefer a gender?: Nor C:

Prefer a species?: No, but bonus points if it isn't something scary :°

Interested in...: I talk too much C: expect looooong letters

I do not want a penpal who...: :U You'd be hard-pressed to rub me the wrong way. Just keep it to paper, maybe the occasional E-letter 

Anything else?: Nor :j
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