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Lol, Snail Mail...

Does anyone besides me actually still do that? :'D

Name: Camilla


Age: 18-Goin' 19

Location: Sacramento, Ca

Sex/Gender: Female

Orientation/Sexuality: I'm straight. But I've never dated so... Meh-I'm straight.

Major/Career: I'm aiming for Graphics Design/Illustration, possibly computer programming, and (if I'm good enough) nursing.

Favorite animals / pets: I like too many to really list. :/ pets?: parrots, dogs, cats, lizards

Your furry self

Fursona: When I joke around with friends I have one. But in reality I don't.

Fursona species: N/A I make my creatures up anyways.

Do you fursuit?: Well I HAVE fursuits. I just haven't gone to a (fur)convention yet nor have I just wondered around outside in costume (well...once-no. Twice I have).

Interests: Drawing, Sweing, sculpting, Crafts


Movies: All for the adventure, horrow, thriller, mystery/suspence movies. I can watch gore movie but bloodfest movies seem worse than B movies (which I also like). POtC, Beetleguise, The Twilight Zone, All the Godzilla movies, Puppet Master, The deaths of Ian Stone, Cursed, Creepshow,
I don't remember them all but that's a good few.

Books: Anything except Romance and I mean it.

Games: I play every genre of game. But I favor adventure, platforming, and shooters I suppose. Specifically? L4D(1,2), Borderlands, COD, Pac-Man, Elebits, Geometry Wars, De Blob (1,2), LBP (1, 2, PsP), Dead Space, Amnesia,  I'm such a child at heart so colors and music is my main thing. :'3

TV Shows: Comedy Central Presents, The Soup, Web Soup, AFV, Cash Cab, Mythbusters, Dirty Jobs, Ace of Cakes, Twilight Zone, Doctor Who (new and old), Being Human (BBC's), Unsolved Mysteries, Dateline:TCaP, Robot Chicken, Adventure Time, Scare Tactics...
... I'll watch anything but Lifetime, Cops, Shows like Dr.Oz or Dr. Phil, romancy shows (Sex in the city?, Soaps), Punk'd,  and Celebrity news.

Art/Artists: Nope. I love too many of them.

Collect?: Jewelery I guess.

Interests outside of furry?: (See Interestes, It still applys), computerstuff, making websites, playing Tennis, ping pong, computer/video/board/card/word games, reading, going to the movies, bowling.

Penpal Preferences:

Prefer a gender?: Nope.

Prefer a species?: Nope.

Interested in...: anything outside of religion/politics. I'd hate to start a debate and (honestly) I don't know too much about it all. I'm catching up! But I'd rather not talk about it anyways. Actually forming a friendship, not one liners too often unless there really isnt'y anything to talk about at the time.

I do not want a penpal who...: talks just about religion/politics/drugs. Otherwise, I dunno.

Anything else?: I'm easy to get along with and I love to learn about new things so if you bring up something I've never heard before I'll probably flood you with questions about it (unless yo'd rather not talk about it). You'd figure out more about me as we talk easy. Also my writing isn't top notch, hope that isn't a problem. And I'm still in school so if I'm slow to reply do pardon me for that, I've got a lot of big things going on and I do want to focus on that.

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